Thursday, 9 October 2014

Hidden Fashion

Vest top - M&S £3 || Jeans - TopShop £36 || Jacket - Hidden Fashion £5 || Booties - Hidden Fashion £5
Recently I ordered this jacket and pair of boots from Hidden Fashion. Right now, everything on their website is only £5, so I decided I'd order a couple of things. I only got them today, so I don't really have too much to say about them, but I'm so excited to wear these out. 
I love the jacket so much, from the faux leather sleeves to the silver threading in the plaid design. It feels like it would keep you pretty warm too, which is absolutely perfect for the upcoming Winter, and current Autumn.
The shoes are lined with a soft and cosy material, so your feet are going to be super snug in the cold. The slightly thick sole is also great for when it's raining, as it'll help keep your feet dry when walking through puddles.
All in all, I'm so excited to wear both of these items out, and I definitely want to try more things from Hidden Fashion in the future!

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